How To Deposit Tokens To Play Poker


You will need MetaMask ( to connect your wallet to the website to play.

Trust Wallet also works, but has experienced some issues. We highly recommend you use MetaMask to connect and play.



In the top right corner, you will see "Login with Wallet". Click Login with Wallet and MetaMask should pop up and ask you to sign a random nonce. This is a security measure, to make sure you are signing in with the right wallet. Click 'Sign', then you are logged in, and you're account is created!

After logging in, click 'Account' in the top right hand corner, then select the 'Deposit' tab. Here a payment address will show. You want to send tokens (NOT BNB) to this payment address with the same account that you are logged in with. After sending tokens to the payments address, your deposit will show in your account a few seconds later.


Do not send BNB to the payment address, and do not deposit tokens if you are not logged in! Also be sure to check that the address you are sending the tokens with, is the same address that is logged into the website.


To withdraw your tokens back to your wallet, click 'Account' in the top right hand corner then select the 'Withdraw' tab. Paste in the address you want to withdraw to, and in a short time your tokens will be sent to that address.

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